WORKING SHOW DOGS "...Intelligent, primarily a working dog...versatile and easily trained, performing his assigned task 
with great style and enthusiasm." 
 ASCA Breed Standard - Effective 1977


The Hall of Fame achievement is one of the top honors an Australian Shepherd breeder can aspire to. This program recognizes and honors the Kennel owners who, through their carefully planned breeding programs, have produced sires and dams that exhibit and reproduce the excellence that accurately represents and preserves the versatile nature of the Australian Shepherd. Aussie enthusiasts know the Australian Shepherd is an unusually versatile breed. Aussies are capable of doing many jobs well. The Australian Shepherd breeder has unique and multifaceted responsibilities, including litter planning, raising puppies to be mentally sound individuals, recognizing each pups individual talents and temperament, and placing each pup in the home most suitable for the success of both puppy and new owner. Each and every Australian Shepherd benefits from receiving the dedicated training needed to complete the titles required to achieve HOF status. Recognizing the inherent talents, building that special bond while progressing through competitive training, and completing the process by earning a title, is very rewarding.
HOF WTCH ASCA Ch / AKC Bronze GCh Buff Cap Winter Rose AFTDsm OFTDd RTDc