WORKING SHOW DOGS "...Intelligent, primarily a working dog...versatile and easily trained, performing his assigned task 
with great style and enthusiasm." 
 ASCA Breed Standard - Effective 1977

About Us

We met our first Australian Shepherd many, many years ago.  Through this interaction and spending time with Aussies, a love was born.  What a fantastic breed that is versatile, a nice size, loyal and loving.

The decision was made to set out and get one of these great dogs for ourselves.  This long journey led to Buff Cap Australian Shepherds and Nancy Gagnon in New England.  The dog we brought home was "Wynona" HOF WTCH ASCA Ch / AKC Bronze GCh Buff Cap Winter Rose AFTDsm OFTDd RTDc.  Wynona easily finished both her championships and earned her bronze grand championship.  In back-to-back years she was ranked #2 and #3 in the ASCA conformation merit year standings.  In addition to conformation she also as very successful in the stockdog trialing arena earning her working trial championship, farm and ranch titles.  

Early on in our Australian Shepherd experience we were exposed to stockdog trialing while at an event in Eastern Wisconsin.  Since that time we have enjoyed working towards the full meaning of the breed according to the ASCA breed standard;  "...Intelligent, primarily a working dog...versatile and easily trained, performing his assigned task with great style and enthusiasm."  To date we are proud to say we have had many, many dogs that have earned conformation, stockdog, obedience, agility and rally titles.  These are Working Show Dogs.  Having Aussies that can work and do well in the conformation ring is the priceless. 
We are a small kennel, producing dogs that honor the breed standard.  Producing healthy, happy family companions is at the top of the priority list.  To this end we sometimes produce zero litters in a year, but have had as many as three in one year.  We generally have a litter to serve ourselves first and foremost.  Many things can contribute to having a litter, but it is always based in carrying on the heritage of the breed and to further our goals.  

Over the years we have been fortunate to produce Australian Shepherds who have lived up to the breed standard and earned titles in many venues.  

We are recognized by AKC as a Breeder of Merit.  We are proud to highlight, in fulfilling these requirements we had dogs earn titles in conformation, agility and stockdog arenas.  This is the true essence of the Australian Shepherd - a working and versatile dog that is easily trained.

Member of:

Australian Shepherd Club of America

United States Australian Shepherd Association

Rock River Valley Australian Shepherd Club

Outback Australian Shepherd Club

3 Sheeps to the Wind Australian Shepherd Club